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Sexy Vacation a success! + artist callout!

2008-06-22 10:51:08 by funfun555

Yes! It's finally released, and I'm quite happy with it! It has been well received too, with a score of 4.19 as I write. And a daily 1st award :D:D:D

And I'd like to make another hentai-game, I only wish I could draw! If there are any artists out there interested in making a tasteful hentai flash game, contact me! A game that includes all original artwork can legally make money for us through ads :)


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2008-06-23 01:09:40

How long did this take you to do this?

funfun555 responds:

About two weeks I believe. I worked on it a lot though :P


2008-06-23 22:22:06

You have a talent for making flash games, good work!


2008-06-23 22:54:14

wow you're sexy! :3


2008-06-24 11:43:50

I dunno man, you draw pretty good, the nerd girl in the lab and the one with tanlines were very cute.

funfun555 responds:

They weren't my drawings :P Because I'm not making any money off this, I used the best drawings I could find! I have credited the artists in the flash and on the game description, if you want to visit their websites and support them.

I'm thinking of making a website with ads on it where my ecchi/hentai games can go, and since I would make money from that, I want to have original artwork from an artist I work with.


2008-06-24 22:11:59

How can i make great games like you

funfun555 responds:

I'm glad you think it's great :) I would start out by downloading adobe flash, then check out tutorials on flash on Newgrounds. Once you're familiar with the environment, get a beginning Flash Game Design book from the bookstore and work through the chapters that cover the basics. Then just start working on your game ideas to continue learning!


2008-06-25 13:15:41

Not only did you make good image choices (for the most part) but you made a very good flash game that i would play even if it didn't have the hentai. You didn't make it too complicated or unappealing like Franks adventure. People think this is a knock-off..its not.

funfun555 responds:

Thank you :D


2008-06-27 10:23:51

Hey, first of all great job!

Second, I would be happy to lend a hand in some original art-work! I am some-what of a good artist, here is my DA account

I will send you some of my more mature art later.


2008-06-27 10:31:08

Oh, wait...
here is a original ginal-Chracter-1-83230044


2008-06-28 00:06:00

Good to see some HF Artists involved in flash =)
Great game, would love to see much more of it.


2008-07-04 20:49:20

hey man i know i don't have a say in this but for the love of god please don't use order664 art work in the next game its not very good


2008-07-09 01:21:56

Question, the animation of the blonde girl sucking the popsicle...please let me know what anime that is from, or where you found it, please, its driving me nuts. Otherwise awesome game, didnt drive me nuts trying to beat it, but it was still involved....wonderful!


2008-08-07 11:47:48

Sexy vacation is a cool game but the beach avoider is impossibe


2008-09-20 01:54:46

i love sexy vacation! where do u get thoes energetic music tracks?! do tell me! I LOVE THEM!


2008-09-20 01:56:09

Nice game!Where do u get the music?!It rocks!


2008-10-25 23:45:30

Great game Funfun555, it really is one of the greatest pieces of work I've seen in a while! -G


2008-11-16 21:36:08

i love the games


2008-11-25 20:35:53

i am willing to participate :) y/

i mostly do realistic or semi-realistic figures, but i feel comfortable with more cartoony style. i can also do vector art :P


2008-12-24 01:49:08

sexy party!!!


2009-01-09 22:21:31

one of my favorite games :3 ive beaten it but still hate the maze thing to get 10 bucks :x great phote and work <3


2009-03-21 18:48:21

Hey loved your game :D but when are you gonna release another and are you even alive? I mean this post is a year old just curious.


2009-03-26 21:23:12

was it very hard to make flashes like this and did you use microsoft visual?


2009-12-31 11:47:31

Hey, i know its been awhile since u posted this comment. But im an artist and would be willing to be an accomplice to hentai depending an idea/concept. il_black_book.asp

If you think you can work with my style drop me a message.


2010-07-29 18:29:02

You make money for drawing?!


2010-09-25 16:21:03

Are you still in newgrounds?!?!?!


2010-12-30 02:10:22

my good, above 1 million of views, you need to make more


2011-01-15 18:16:47

Keep up the good work after Sexy Vacation! That game was great! I hope you make a sequel or something like that,anything,I'm sure it would be good.


2011-04-25 23:14:32

Hey, Are you still doing flash stuff?


2011-06-15 20:05:00

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2011-07-16 02:10:32

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