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Starting something cool

2008-06-17 12:03:23 by funfun555

I'm in the middle of making an ecchi / hentai game right now, and I think it will be sweet! I'm going to use other people's art, so I can't make any money off of it, but I want to make it anyway. I'll give credit to the authors in it for sure. Same with music I guess. I would love to draw my own stuff one day, but I'm a much better programmer than I am artist, so I'm not quite there yet.


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2008-06-21 22:29:21

u rule


2008-06-21 23:03:52

great game, keep up the good work!

funfun555 responds:

Thanks :)


2008-06-22 00:01:39

U r something. REALLY SOMETHING! U do that for a living? :P


2008-06-22 02:36:25

I just got finished with sexy vacation... and it was Excellent.

i cant wait to see your future projects. Keep up the kick ass work.


2008-06-22 02:48:51

Nice job on getting above a 4.0 i think.

* that are like 3.80

Im guessing your experienced at flash.


2008-06-22 04:28:39

Quite entertaining :P
I liked how it had some art, not just smut for once, and I respect you for that.

Your selection, though I disagree with all your choices, are very well chosen.
So, please, I urge you to keep up the good work ^_^
(best was the cover page, the tan gal was quite a thrill to observe)

Just no more of those mini games requiring a steady hand, they kill me :'( (obviously won't be a surgeon)